What is a Web Host? And who needs it

To be able to have a website or create e-mail addresses, a place on the internet is needed, and this is where a so-called “webbhotell” comes into the picture. Depending on which web host you decide to use, there are different features and possibilities. A web host is thus, like a regular hotel, a place where you rent to, for example, make web pages available to other visitors.

Who Needs a Web Host?

Everyone who wants to be seen on the internet needs a web host and all pages that they wish to publish must have a “home address” from which they can be visited. When using a webhosting you often get access to technical support, which can be good if technical problems arise. Different web hosts provide different add-on services so it can be good to find out exactly what needs one has for their web pages.

Website Builders

Many web hosts provide ways to easily build their pages. It can be from simple website builders, to CMS programs, like WordPress or Drupal. Often there is a simpler one-click installation of the above mentioned programs, which can otherwise be a relatively difficult process to install, since you have bought a space in the web hotel. The competition is fierce and it pays to look around between different web hosts to get the solution and the price that is just right for the purpose.

Statistics and optimization

Web hosting can also offer search engine optimization, and offer some visitor statistics. It may differentiate between different hosting companies if such additional services are included or need to be purchased afterwards. In a web host you usually get access to an e-mail account and it is easy to create a collection of similar e-mail addresses that follow the same main address as the page. For those who want to create an online store, some web hosting companies also offer solutions for this. Sometimes you can also access word processing programs and special image editing programs.