The easiest way to install WordPress

WordPress is open source software and up to a third of the Internet uses WordPress as a tool for creating pages. WordPress is basically free but you can buy for specific themes, if you want a more unique “look” or functionality.

CMS based

WordPress is a so-called content management system (CMS) and is ideally suited for creating blogs as well as more traditional web pages. This publishing tool has evolved from being a blog management system to being able to offer solutions for most content types. You can log in to your login page at any time and create content, only you have access to the Internet. For a long time, the tool was seen as just a way to maintain a blog, but today it is a fully developed program, for creating any website.

Over 56,000 additions

One of the necessary functions that users want is the additional possibilities, which can be seen as small programs, which perform different functions. Currently, there are over 56,000 different additions to choose from and new ones are constantly being developed. It can range from extensions that provide statistics on visitors, protection against hackers to various payment solutions if you run an online store. When you create your website in WordPress, you start by choosing a finished theme, which then determines the visual and the design. You can then implement the changes you want yourself, but the main theme will determine the major features, so it is important to have a plan from the beginning.


The easiest way to install WordPress and then immediately start using it is to install it from a web host. Usually, one so-called one-click installation is offered and then it is easy to get started. Anyone who will install it on their own needs a fair amount of prior knowledge, but there is good information on the web, and YouTube videos that go through how to do it.

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