What is a Dedicated Server

A Dedicated server is a computer that is made to receive calls, and then sends data back over the internet to other computers.

Usually, many people use the server, and it receives calls from many users. A dedicated server is used instead by only one individual, or one application, or by an organization. It is thus dedicated to a selected purpose.
You can use a dedicated server for a variety of tasks. For example, to store services and applications, or internally to provide specific services, such as a file or network server.

If a site has to handle very large volumes of traffic, such as twenty million visits per day, then a dedicated server may be needed. When you hire one of these companies, you are usually offered a certain amount of space, bandwidth or memory. Bandwidth means that you can use a certain amount of gigabytes of data every month. A person renting a dedicated server can also resell the space, for example, she or he can offer others to store their web pages on the server. Then you also usually have the opportunity to offer FTP, domain name system and e-mail to their customers, and you can manage their dedicated server via a web interface.

The advantage of using this type of storage is that you do not need to share bandwidth and space with other organizations, so you can be sure that the server will be able to support your business needs. A dedicated server usually costs more than a shared one, but you have more opportunity to customize it so that you can handle when website traffic goes up. You can also customize the server with software that fits exactly what you need. More technical knowledge is required of those who choose to use a dedicated server. But if this requires too much time or money, you can opt for a service that offers server management.

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