5 reasons you should use ColdFusion for your next web project

If you’re contemplating different web programming options and you haven’t set your mind on a particular development environment or programming language, you should definitely consider ColdFusion server for your next website or web app project. Below we are listing 5 reasons why you should definitely give ColdFusion a shot.

  1. A plethora of built-in features: When you’re working on a web project you spend lots of time programming various features. Since ColdFusion is built for rapid application development, most of the features and modules that you need in an average website are already built into ColdFusion. You just have to make the right function or API calls and lo and behold! Everything is there for you.
  2. A large community: Being an old technology there is a vast community of ColdFusion developers working on creating libraries and documentation. Whether you need programming help or an extra set of libraries to enhance the functions of your website, there is no scarcity. Within a few minutes you will find vast repositories of code that work like a charm in almost every ColdFusion environment.
  3. Very easy to learn: Whereas scripting languages like PHP and Python (even JavaScript) look and feel like the traditional C or Java, scripting in ColdFusion is more like HTML.
  4. Few web hosts provide it: Why is it an advantage? Because all the web host, for example Hostek.com, who provide ColdFusion hosting, provide an entire array of ColdFusion hosting features, leaving no stones unturned to attract a very niche clientèle. Hence, there is little beating around the bush and lots of serious ColdFusion work.
  5. Choice at its core: With ColdFusion you can develop a blog engine. You can create PDFs on-the-fly. You can deliver email newsletters. Incorporate CRUD functionalities. Pretty much everything you want to do, you can do it in ColdFusion.